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Scott was a 2015 – 16 Training Museum Trainee based in Colchester.

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What were you doing before the traineeship?

I finished university in 2015 and spent the summer working as a butcher, whilst volunteering at a video production charity as a Video Assistant and Film Tutor. I was also commissioned to make films for various businesses up and down the UK.

What has been your favourite part of the traineeship?

I love educating the public. Whether it’s leading an object handling session, giving tours of Colchester Castle to children, managing themed events, creating digital learning resources or researching an object that has come in for identification. I have particularly enjoyed taking on the role of the curator for the What’s in Store? exhibition.

Quick fire five:

1. Favourite type of cheese?

So long as it’s not blue cheese I’ll love it!

2. Childhood dream job?

I always wanted to be an author and would dream up massive fictional stories that would play with existing myths and legends. Unfortunately, writing is not one of my strengths, which led to me telling stories through film and animation. I still intend to write an epic novel someday though!

3. Which three people you would invite to a dinner party (dead or alive)?

Emma Stone, Batman, and Obama (though, Sammi and Em said the same)

Favourite past time?

I’ve always been nerdy (even before the Marvel films became cool). I’m into reading comic books and going to the cinema. I do still make films and animations in my spare time for a range of clients, varying from flour mills to doctors.

Favourite animal?

Penguins and of course my cuddly cockapoo, Florence!