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What were you doing before this traineeship?

After gaining a degree in Egyptology in 2013, I moved abroad for a while and taught in nursery schools for about 9 months. After coming back to the UK, I worked at a local primary school and set up my own History Club. During this time I also enjoyed volunteering with Ipswich Museum and became a guide at Christchurch Mansion.

What has been your favourite part of the traineeship so far?

It is really difficult to choose – we’ve had so many enriching experiences and I have learnt so many new skills. I would say a particular highlight has been exploring the collections and working closely with the incredible objects within them. I never cease to be amazed with handling items that are hundreds or thousands of years old. I have enjoyed planning my own display case for an exhibition titled What’s in Store?, where I have been given the chance to work with Colchester’s small Egyptian collection. My time as a trainee is also made so much better by the knowledgeable and passionate people I work with. Seeing how the different teams across the service coordinate and collaborate on projects has taught me so much about how museums work.

Quick fire five:

1. Favourite type of cheese?

I love extra mature cheddar, but also you can’t beat some grilled halloumi.

2. Childhood dream job?

Egyptologist or curator!

3. Which three people you would invite to a dinner party (dead or alive)?

Tutankhamun, Meena Keshwar Kamal (Afghan women’s rights activist) and Jeff Buckley.

Favourite past time?

Visiting museums and old churches/ cathedrals, learning Hindi, drawing, watching Bollywood films, and spending time with my family.

Favourite animal?

Dogs and meerkats, because they’re just so adorable.