Em’s post-traineeship adventures

Hi Em here,

Upon finishing The Training Museum traineeship (2015-2016), I started a casual position at Ipswich Museums on Visitors Services, which is very exciting and I am loving it as always! As well as this, I was lucky enough to gain a volunteer placement with UNICEF UK in London from February – March. I really enjoy working with and for children, having previously worked at primary schools, run projects for young people (Supplementary Schools) and volunteered at Oxfam, Age UK and the NSPCC.

My role at UNICEF UK was ‘Community Fundraising Volunteer’, working within the Public Fundraising Department in the Community Team. I was chosen to support a project with top fundraising schools (TFS), which are those that raise the most for UNICEF through their own events, activity days, charity weeks and many other amazing methods. My main responsibility was to contact and correspond with the top 30 TFS to gather research regarding their invaluable fundraising efforts. I was creating case studies about each school, finding out things like:

  • how are decisions made about which charity to support?
  • when in the school year does this happen?
  • what events do they organise to raise such huge amounts of money?
  • what fundraising plans do they have lined up?

Much of the work I was doing involved researching the schools, finding contact details, updating databases and then contacting them via email and telephone. Over the three weeks I managed to contact all 30 schools and organised around 10 phone calls with teachers, providing vital information about their annual fundraising efforts and discovering the activities the students most enjoyed.

I was also involved in creating fundraising ideas for the months of April and May, which are being used as online resources for schools, as well as updating spread sheets and internal databases, and organising phone calls with teachers from around the UK and Europe. I even assistied a video shoot with UNICEF UK High Profile Supporter, Cel Spellman, for this years ‘Day For Change’, which was very exciting! (Spot my hands in this sticker sketch!)

Cel hands

The other videos we shot can be viewed on the webpages below:

Day for Change

Day for Change fundraising materials

While this placement might seem a million miles from what I was doing at Colchester + Ipswich Museums, I was able to use many of the experiences and skills I had gained. For example, I was working within a large, fast paced team to achieve set project goals, so communicating well with the public and networking was essential. Having the confidence to make connections with key people, organise meetings with different teams and working with senior fundraising staff was very beneficial. It was a brilliant experience, where I could showcase my passion for working with and for children. I learnt more about the impact of public fundraising for charitable organisations, whilst making strong connections within UNICEF UK.

I am so grateful to have been chosen for the placement and hopefully I’ll be back in the fundraising or development fields in the near future!

That’s all folks,
Em 🙂

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