Harry Potter Book Night at Ipswich Museum

Salutations Muggle’s. Expelliarmus!……  Mark reporting.

Last Thursday evening, we were going mad for all things wizardy at Ipswich Museum, as we hosted a Harry Potter Book Night event. Staff dressed up in an array of costumes and the Museum was decorated from top to bottom with magical props. Michael, Tim and I had all hands on deck. With the rest of our brilliant team and helpful freelancers, we knew this was going to be a blast!

Of course you might ask: what has Harry Potter got to do with the Museum? Firstly, local museums are an interesting environment to host events, as they contain historic collections found nowhere else. Secondly, and most importantly, as a public venue, we want to welcome as many different people as we can. One way to do this is by putting on events that appeal to a diverse range of people. That way, after having a fun experience at the museum, they will perhaps make another visit at a later point, thus achieving our aims.

Visitors were greeted as they arrived in a Harry Potter fashion, with smiling faces and clear instructions for their fun night ahead. You could have your photo taken in our ‘Mirror of Erised’ booth in the Anglo Saxon gallery; take a lesson in Potions, where you could make Immersion Elixiers (bath bombs) to take away; or even handle some magical creatures, which included snakes, toads and ferrets! There was much to get involved in and, even though I was working, it was a lot of fun, especially with the dramatic Harry Potter music getting my pulse racing!

Soon enough it was time to close the doors. Time sure flies when you’re having fun! I believe the evening was a roaring success, as the visitors seemed to really enjoy the activities we put on. It was such a great feeling to know that you’ve helped run an event on such a large scale like this. I also believe it did help achieve our aim of bringing a different audience to the museum, as I noticed plenty of people interested in our objects! Every time people flowed into the main museum building, the shiny glitter of the Wickham Hoard caught their eye.

That’s all from me.


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