Increasing Diversity In the Museum Workforce conference


Happy New Year everyone! It’s Mark again!

I hope all of you have had an excellent Christmas holiday. I can’t believe it is 2017 already!

Despite it being the New Year, I would like to take us back to 2016 for this post, as I recently attended a very interesting conference at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, about increasing diversity in the workforce.

I went with Rachel McFarlane (Projects Development Officer) and we were joined by around fifty other delegates from museums and organisations around the East of England.

During the conference, Rachel and I were to give a presentation about the on going work at Colchester + Ipswich Museums and in particular, how we have approached the topic of diversity. Of course it was Rachel who led our presentation, showcasing the variety of work from The Training Museum.

I had some time to shine though, as I also was able to speak! I was shaking when I approached the stage, but my delivery was successful. I started by talking about my experience prior to becoming a Trainee, in terms of the volunteering work I had previously undertaken and also the process of applying for the traineeship. Additionally, I was able to touch upon various projects I was in the middle of. I even sat on the question panel, looking rather professional!


The other delegates that attended seemed very impressed with our presentation. I had some nice compliments and even exchanged contact details with some who shall be very useful contacts in the future…

As well as our contribution, I found the other presentations interesting. I was particularly impressed with Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums, as the speakers were very engaging with the audience. I also enjoyed meeting our counterparts in Norwich, as I have heard about their work and visited the Castle many times. It was a pleasure to be involved in an event they held.

Before long the conference came to an end and it was time to take the train home. It was a fantastic day and I have more ideas about diversity than ever before!

That’s all from me.


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