Quick catch up!

Hi all!

So it’s been nearly 9 weeks since I finished my traineeship and it feels like a lot has happened since then!

I’m now at iSite TV as a Production Assistant (if the above photo didn’t give it away!)

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 21.11.32.png

iSite mainly produces commercial videos for some of the country’s biggest retailers and manufacturers, including Nikon, Currys PC World, Homebase, Playmobil and Panasonic. I would love to tell you about some of the cooler products I’ve worked with, however, I’ve signed a confidentiality clause, which basically means I won’t talk about my work on something like… lets say… a blog!

My main duties include scripting and working in the recording studio with an actress to record voice overs (I’m the guy on the autocue!). The office I work in is very cool and modern, and the team I work with are a lot of fun! AND I finally have multiple computer screens, which makes me feel very fancy!


Whats next? The plan is to keep enjoying what I’m doing and to work hard! And if in the future I decide I want a career change, well, I know that there is always history that needs curating!

Good luck to the second cohort of Trainees and for the years to follow with The Training Museum. I will always feel privileged to be among the first wave!

So long, Scott


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