Remembrance Parade in Christchurch Park

Good day all, It’s Mark here!

It was indeed a fine morning back on Sunday 13 November. Not only did the weather look favourably on us, but there was a feeling of unity as we remembered those who gave their lives for this country.

I was working a shift on Visitor Services in Christchurch Mansion with my fellow Trainee, Michael, but as you can see it was no ordinary shift! The museum was closed until 1.30pm, as we accommodated all the army veterans, cadets, emergency services and VIPs of Ipswich who attended the parade. These included: Ben Gummer MP, Mayor for Ipswich, Roger Fern and Leader of the Borough Council, David Ellesmere.

The parade got underway outside the cenotaph in Christchurch Park. Of course, there was a two minute silence and a proud march through the park. There was a lot of happiness and perhaps a bit of sadness, as people paid their respects, but the team at the Mansion were ready with open doors! We welcomed everyone in one by one. They were sure to be a bit chilly standing outside for a while, so we gave out coffee, tea and biscuits.

Overall the morning was absolutely excellent! I can’t speak for all the staff, but for me it was an absolute honour to support these inspiring and fantastic people. Not only that, but it was a special day of remembrance and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it than working!

Once it was over, it was open doors, business as usual!

Until next time.



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