In every end, there is also a beginning

Hi all, Elisha here!

It’s with great sadness that this will be my last post as a Training Museum Trainee. I can’t believe the traineeship has gone by so quickly, and it’s hard to put into words what an incredible year it has been. I’ve done things I didn’t think I could, and the variety of experiences and skills I’ve gained will stay with me forever. I thought it would be nice to briefly reflect on my favourite moments:

Working with history 

Having always loved history, getting to explore the collections and work closely with them has been incredible. Nothing compares to holding an object that is 100s, if not 1000s of years old. I’ve discovered mummified feet, held real treasure, translated hieroglyphs, and learnt to love aspects of history that I’d never really been interested in before. I curated my own display, planned amazing events around the collection, and even saw the stored collections of other museums. I’ve also loved getting to work on Visitor Services, encouraging members of the public to engage with history too.

Public Speaking

Public speaking was something I had never felt confident doing, but since becoming a Museum Trainee, I actually enjoy it! I’ve spoken at Museums Showoff, the Transforming People conference at Colchester Castle, Paccitti Company’s Tea Talks, and given a presentation to colleagues about the Egyptian collection. Without doubt, the biggest highlight was having my proposal accepted by Oxford University Museums Partnership, and having the chance to speak at the Pitt Rivers Museum. I still can’t really believe it!

The People

But what has really made this whole experience that bit more enjoyable are the people I have worked with. The staff at CIMS have been so friendly, welcoming and supportive. I can’t thank them enough for all the help they have provided (and the patience they have shown!). I was also very lucky to experience this last year alongside some of the nicest bunch of fellow Trainees I could have hoped for.

It has been an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience and I’m going to miss it. This traineeship has made it clear to me that I absolutely have to work in museums, so this certainly won’t be my last museum role… (which is already true! I’m very happy to have been asked to continue on at CIMS as a Finds Liaison Assistant Volunteer, so I’ll be back almost as soon as I’ve left…)

Goodbye all 🙂


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