The end is nigh! Bye bye bye.

Aloha, Em here!

So this is a weird post to be writing and I’m filled with many emotions! It is my last as a Training Museum Trainee with Colchester + Ipswich Museums!

Over the past 12 months I’ve been involved in a ridiculous amount of exciting activities, from delivering sessions to Supplementary Schools to presenting at the Transforming People Conference at Colchester Castle, re-interpreting the Ipswich Museum Victorian Gallery to co-curating an exhibition for the Battle of the Somme, documenting Tudor objects and carrying out remedial conservation on Ipswich’s natural history collections, including Wool-I-Am the Mammoth!

I have learnt so much about museum essentials from our training programme e.g. how to design an accessible exhibition, the ways that pests can be controlled, what’s involved in Accreditation, how to research and document objects and very importantly how to handle objects correctly – LIFT FROM THE CARCASS!

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Along with the other first cohort of Trainees, I’ve also been lucky enough to go on some great trips to other museums, attend conferences, support fun events, oh and win awards!

Thank you to everyone at CIMS for making this such a fun, exciting and challenging adventure, filled with so many skills and experiences that I can take with me into my next realm of work. (Although you won’t get rid of us that easily – the Ipswich Trainees are staying on as Visitors Service staff, so you might get to see us for a few more months!)

Bye bye bye, Em 🙂

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