A ‘Mammoth’ mission!

Hi Em here,

Just a quick post this week to let you know that on Monday 25 July, I got to fulfill one of the dreams I have had since starting my traineeship in November last year; I got to clean ‘Wool-I-Am’, our lovely Mammoth at Ipswich Museum!

With help from Bob (Conservation Officer), we started off by hoovering the top of the Mammoth from the balcony using standard hoovers. We managed to remove the pencil shavings, pieces of litter and paperclips that have been dropped on her. Next, I got to wear the cool, ghost-busters style hoover to clean the rest of the body. The bits requiring a ladder were not the easiest!

We were giving this fine specimen a particularly thorough clean because she is being entered into the annual Object of the Year competition, which is open to museums from around Suffolk. You can submit an object that you think is a show-stopper and represents your museum to the visitors. The entrants are then voted for and a prize given for ‘Museum Object of the Year’. For 2016, Ipswich Museums are entering our Mammoth, which is an accurate reconstruction of the Maidenhall Mammoth, thought to have roamed around East Anglia up to 40,000 years ago! Wool-I-Am is most definitely the star attraction at Ipswich Museum, causing visitors to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ every time they see her giant, hairy face, tusks and massive woolly body. In 2014, ‘Felixstowe to Ipswich Coach’, a painting by Russell Sidney Reeve that is housed in Christchurch Mansion, won the prestigious Object of the Year award. Fingers crossed Wool-I-Am can produce the goods this year!

You can vote for Wool-I-Am here – http://suffolkmuseums.org/museums/news/yop-poll-archive/

Ciao for now,

Em 🙂

p.s. Ipswich Museum is also running for ‘Suffolk Museum of the Year’ award, so if you visit and feel so inclined, please do vote for us to be nominated, that would be WOOL-derful!

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