Open Choice Exhibition

Hey how’s it going?

First off, to my avid readers I’d like to extend a heartfelt apology. I promised to write regularly and I feel I haven’t fulfilled that promise. I know all of my ‘Plums’ have missed me. I hope so anyway. No more broken promises from I. Although I have a legitimate excuse, as you’re about to see I’ve been a busy chap.

So Friday 22 July was the opening of the Open Choice exhibition over at the Ipswich Art School Gallery. This was a chance for Ipswich Art Society members to show off their new work in response to Ipswich Borough Ccouncil’s fine art collection. These included works from artists such as Sir Alfred Munnings, Anna Airy, Harry Becker and Thomas Churchyard. We also had a selection of objects from the museum collection on show, which the Friends of Ipswich Museum were instrumental in helping the Borough to collect. The opening was great, there was a lot of people and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Props to the Visitor Service staff, Emma Roodhouse and the Exhibitions team: Darren Stevens, Graham Webber and Liz Dodds, for making the event happen and look good.

With regards to myself, I’ve joined the Exhibitions team on an internal placement for two months, which is awesome and a great opportunity for me. It’s the exact sort of career path that I wish to pursue, so I’m grateful for the chance to develop my skill set. I also think I’m kind of good at it. Oh the modesty. So for two days I was working with the team to install the exhibition. This included a lot of practical work to ensure everything looked spic and span. I was doing things such as giving the plinths another coat of paint, constructing cases, hanging paintings, handling objects, checking light (lux) levels, cleaning, drilling etc.

I have worked on exhibitions before, but only parts at a time. To be able to work two solid days really opened my eyes to the amount of thought that goes into an exhibition. For example, being the noob that I am, I just assumed that you hung portraits up how you thought looked best. I didn’t know that there was exact specifications on height, light levels and spacing between works. Then of course, there are the measurements for the text panels etc. It was a busy but rewarding day.

Needless to say, on Friday I enjoyed the glass or two of Prosecco that accompanied the exhibition opening!

Till next time Plums.

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