Battle of the Somme

Hi there, Sammi reporting today.

British Legion Somme 100After seven months we finally have an exhibition of our own to boast about. On Thursday 30 June, the Battle of the Somme commemoration display was installed in Christchurch Mansion (situated in the Library on the first floor). The objects belonged to people from Suffolk and represent a very heroic story of their contribution during the First World War. It has been a difficult subject to cover, due to the many lives that were lost, but it is one that must be remembered. We were privileged to have been provided with an event pack, specifically made for the Somme by the British Royal Legion.

The Ipswich Trainees have been able to put all that we have learnt through the training program into action. With guidance from Elle (Collections and Learning Curator), we have managed every step, from the initial planning stages through to the research and installation. We consulted with Bob (Conservation Officer) regarding the suitability of the light, temperature and humidity levels, which are important elements of conservation. Accessibility and design were covered by our Exhibitions team, who assisted with the colours and graphics.

I have certainly learnt a lot about the process and all the hard work that happens behind the scenes to produce an engaging display for our visitors. Someone told me today that it doesn’t matter how big or small it is (apart from the difference in the amount of text panels and objects used), the whole procedure is just as challenging to create a good display.

Now that I’ve had a go with exhibition display, I feel the itch to continue with further projects. Before this post has even gone live I believe I shall have got my hands dirty again with paint, adding new colour to the Chinese displays in Ipswich Museum. Please do come and take a look. We hope that our hard work will help improve the spaces within the Museum for our visitors.

Until next time! Bye for now! 再見



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