Back to school!

great leighsHi again, Scott here!

Last Thursday (the 23rd) I visited Great Leigh’s Primary school to deliver a ‘Learning from objects’ session with Year 3 . It was great to visit my old primary school and I was amazed at how big my tiny village school had grown!

After an introductory session, the children played a card game where they matched museum roles (e.g. Conservator) to specific job specifications (e.g. object repair). This was light-hearted and excellent for prompting discussion. I then got the children to stand up and choose what job role (if any) they would like within a museum. I did this using staff  illustrations that CIMS recently had created, enlarging them and asking the children to stand beside the one they would like to do. Out of 34, over half wanted to be a Conservation Officer. This may be because I told them “Bob fixes things”, and they proceeded to refer to him as ‘Bob the builder’ for the remainder of the lesson.

Afterwards, I led a ‘learning from objects’ session. The idea was to give children the space to identify an object themselves, rather than me telling them. We identified two objects as a class before splitting into smaller groups. After some quick training, I gave the groups objects to handle. Helmet meUsing an answer sheet, I encouraged the children to determine what their object might be. This led to some creative answers (such as a brooch being a kings fishing hook). I then got the children to ‘show and tell’ their items, which they enjoyed. We finished by determining what the objects actually were. Again, I did not provide the answers, but guided them to the truth.

Overall it was a fantastic experience leading an outreach session with children! I did not get any pictures of the session, but you can imagine 34 kids lining up at the end to wear a Romans helmet…

In other news!..

Colchester Trainees are working hard to get everything ready for our Vintage in the Park event. With a variety of attractions, including music, food, object handling tables, amazing raffle prices, crafts activities and a little sunshine (I hope), it will be a fantastic event, the likes of which has never been seen before! A few of our partners can be seen above. Keep your eyes open for updates!

Scott 🙂

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