And the winners are…!

Olá, Em here,

This week I am able to bring to you some very exciting news! A few months back, Lib (Museums Project Officer) and Rachel (Project Development Officer), nominated the Colchester + Ipswich Museum Trainees for a Suffolk Adult Learners’ Award, in the Arts and Cultural Learning category, and, on Thursday 16 June, we officially became AWARD WINNING! Hooray!

That afternoon, we went for a lovely meal at Pizza Express before heading down to the University Campus Suffolk for the awards ceremony. Cllr Carole Jones, Bill (Colchester + Ipswich Museums Manager), Jayne (Ipswich Museums Manager), Lib and Rachel joined Anton, Elisha, Sammi, Scott and I to support us and represent the marvelous Colchester + Ipswich Museums (@IpswichGov twitter reporting on the night)

CIMS awards

There were two runners up and a winner for each category, with stories of courage, hard work and commitment underlying each nominee. The level of support and encouragement floating around during the evening was amazing and the amount of clapping, cheering and whooping throughout the night emphasised this. BBC Radio Suffolk presenter, Mark Murphy hosted the event, presenting 11 awards throughout the night. The Arts and Cultural Learning Award was third from last and as we were announced as WINNERS, I could feel the pride of everyone from CIMS beaming out. What an achievement!

Arts and Cultural learning award
Our award was presented by Lowestoft College Interim Principal, Jason King

Mark read out a statement as to why we had been nominated, which really reinforced the diversity of our Trainee cohort, the work we’d been involved in and the learning we had done so far in our roles. They mentioned the variety of new ideas we’ve brought to the table since joining, the different areas of interest we all have and how our presence has had an impact on the workplace, helping change the way learning is thought about. Hearing this really filled me with joy and pride, as it reflected the hard work and effort we’ve been putting into this traineeship and showcased the learning we’ve gained since joining The Training Museum programme.

The evening was full of positivity, community spirit, inspiration and congratulations, all of which made for a brilliant atmosphere. Knowing that every one was there to support one another and celebrate the hard work of the Suffolk tutors, teachers, volunteers and learners was truly wonderful and I’d like to congratulate all of the nominees, runners up and winners for each category. We even got interviewed for the Leap Suffolk YouTube page (we appear at 3 minutes 30!)

We are all chuffed and will definitely be telling everyone we meet for the next few months that we are, indeed, award-winning Trainees!

Catch you soon,

Em (Arts and Cultural Learning Award winner 2016 haha!) 🙂

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