Conferences and project planning

Hello! Elisha here.

Beginning with some news I am really excited about: with the help of Jess (Collections and Learning Curator), I submitted a proposal to a conference titled ‘Capacity Building(s)’ in Oxford and it has been selected by the panel! This means Jess and I will now be delivering a talk at the Pitt Rivers Museum on the new and creative ways that Colchester + Ipswich Museums are using their spaces. We’ll be touching on Colchester Castle wedding hires, the upcoming Vintage in the Park event, I-AM Rap, Harry Potter Book Night and more. This is a topic I am really interested in, and it will be the first conference I have ever spoken at, so I’m absolutely thrilled that the proposal was chosen. It takes place on Thursday 28 July, so watch this space!

This week, I have been busy writing the text for my display case in the upcoming ‘What’s in Store’ exhibition. This is no easy task. The text must be brief and to the point, while still conveying the correct information and being interesting for the reader. Trying to condense the entire history of Ancient Egypt into a 50 word introduction was tough. I managed it though, and my first text group meeting to share it with the curators went well. The topics of my display case will now be mummification, Egyptian flint, and shabtis. I must admit, I wasn’t keen at first to have a whole shelf dedicated to flint, but after doing some research and uncovering a fascinating story, I am now really eager to share this. The exhibition will contain objects including mummified feet, coffin fragments and bronze figurines of the god Osiris.

I have also been working on my ‘Back to School’ project. This is where I revisit my old school and deliver a session to the children on museums and who works in them. My plan is to get the children into teams to create their own ‘mini museum’ on their tables using a mixture of photographs and replica objects.

Each child will have their own museum-based role, such as curator or exhibition designer, but they must remember to work as a team. I did this activity at a school I worked at before this traineeship (see above), and the children absolutely loved it. I’m looking forward to building on it!

Until next time,


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