Museums Showoff!

Hello, Elisha here!

So, last night, I had the pleasure of giving a talk at the open mic night, Museums Showoff. This is a bi-monthly event all about museums, told by the people who work in them or simply love them. I spoke a bit about the humorous side of being a Training Museum Trainee, and why I’m more determined than ever to work in the museum sector.

Upon arrival at the venue I was of course nervous, especially when I saw the poster outside. After meeting some of my fellow speakers however (who were all lovely and friendly), I soon became more at ease.


The event is arranged by the wonderful Rachel Souhami, and was hosted by the fantastic Naomi Paxton. The night included hilarious talks by people such as Adam Koszary (how did a dead mouse go viral?), Sara Wajid (smashing the museum patriarchy), Katherine McAlpine (museum audiences and their characteristics), Daniella Hadley (bubbles and Obama!) and Tim Dunn (steam trains and drinking – an interesting mix!). It was sold out with around 80 people attending, so when it was my time to get up on stage I had to take a few deep breaths.

Once I was up there, I settled down and enjoyed it. I spoke about the purpose of The Training Museum, what we get up to day to day (such as planning events and exhibitions), mishaps involving jam and duplicate Santas, the Fenwick Treasure, museum selfie day and the interesting discoveries we’ve made (including some mummified feet). The audience responded well and really seemed to enjoy it. One moment in particular, which got lots of laughs, was when I showed off Colchester Museums’ incredibly vast collection of Egyptian objects…


It was a great night and I’m really happy that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and signed up to do it. So, if you have something to say about museums, sign up! Even if you just go along to attend one of the shows, I promise you that you’ll have a laugh.


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