Supplementary Schools Celebration!

Hi, Em here!

Over the past month or so, Sammi and I had been working alongside Rachel MacFarlane (Project Development Officer) and Claire McBurney (Education Consultant) to plan and organise a celebratory event for the Supplementary Schools children.


On Friday 22 April, the Exhibitions Team helped us install the work that the children had made into The Ipswich Story case in Ipswich Museum. Sammi and Joe worked with Graham (Exhibitions and Display Officer) on the shoe box displays and job advertisements created by the Achievers and The Education and Development Centre Lingua groups.

Meanwhile, I worked with Darren (Senior Exhibitions Officer) to cut out foam boards and display fabric prints made by the Achievers school and Ky Rice, a local Suffolk artist. We then installed the work around the balcony in the Ipswich Art School Gallery.


In the Natural History Gallery, the team installed a film that the Portuguese group made with local story-teller, Mike Dodsworth, which shows the children sharing what they written about the animals in the gallery. Here you can see some of our installation work, as well as two of the text panels I wrote (with a little help from Rachel!), which are part of the displays!

Event Day!

On Saturday 23 April, we held a celebratory event at Ipswich Museum for those who have been involved in the Supplementary Schools programme for the British Academy Schools Language Awards. This event was a chance for the children who have been part of the British Academy Schools Language Awards (BASLA) to see their work exhibited in a museum space, and showcase it to their teachers, families and friends.

At 10am, Ipswich Museum began quickly filling up with children from the 3 schools, along with their families and teachers. Rachel started the presentation, welcoming people to the museum, explaining about BASLA and how we’ve worked with them on the project, and congratulating the children who were involved. The participants from each school were then presented with certificates by teachers to acknowledge their hard work, wonderful ideas and the contribution they had made to the museum whilst on the project. Sammi and I had the pleasure of introducing the Lingua School and presenting them with their certificates. This was a lovely moment, as we were able to personally congratulate the children that we’d worked with over the 5 weeks and see the pride beaming from their faces!

After the certificate giving, the group from the Lingua School performed a wonderful, polished version of the Russian folklore play that they’d worked on with us and Eileen, which was absolutely brilliant! All of the children wore traditional Russian clothing, performed the play in Russian and used Russian objects as props – linking to the idea of objects within the museum. Everyone really enjoyed the production and could see how much work they’d put into to creating such a great piece of art.

The work from all of the Supplementary Schools will be up on display for the foreseeable future in both the Ipswich Museum and the Art School Gallery – so please do come along and see it!



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