Learning Museum training day

Hello, Anton here.

Each month, as part of my Learning Museum traineeship, I travel to one of the partner museums for a training day. Including CIMS, there are 10 museums involved, spread across the UK. On Friday 8 April, it was my turn to host here in Ipswich. The subject of the day was partnerships and the aim was to teach the other Trainees how we work with partners and the importance of it. They could then think about the partnerships each of their museums have.

As the host, I was set the task of organising the day. The Learning Museum Trainees are very diverse, with some specific needs. Taking this into consideration, I aimed to plan a programme that was fun, engaging and active; providing the relevant information in an informal way.

I worked closely with CIMS staff to find out about their projects and the partners they are working with. I must admit, before organising the day, I hadn’t realised how important our partners actually were. I was very naïve. But hey, that’s what the traineeship is all about: learning.

Anyway, the day was very productive and rewarding, not only for me, but for the other staff and Trainees. The highlight of the day was the partnership game, Dragons Dens style! The aim was to deliver a pitch for funding, in this case from Michael McBratney from the British Museum (I think he got confused and decided to take on the role of Sir Alan Sugar. Wrong Programme!). The funding was for objects that would benefit a museum and it’s visitors, so applicants needed to talk about their objects, target audiences and the partners they would work with.


This idea really got the creative juices flowing. I was blown away by the content of each group’s pitches, I mean seriously blown away. A helicopter landed on the green outside Christchurch Mansion, where the training day was taking place.

The day was great and everybody enjoyed it! From past employment to now, this was the first time I had been given such responsibility, and it felt good!

Stay blessed. Stay positive. Peace out.


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