I-Am Rap

Yoo, its Anton again!

After months of planning and preparing, finally I-Am Rap took place. CIMS, among many other museums, are thinking of new ways to encourage and attract more diverse audiences. To make museums more open, engaging and accessible to the wider community, we have been opening our doors on a Thursday night, hosting a series of events.

I saw this as a chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do! Host a rap event inside the museum. An idea I thought CIMS would never, never back. To my surprise, I was given the thumbs up!!

YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has never been done in Ipswich Museum before.

Other than selecting the date, I organised the whole event from scratch. The idea behind I-Am Rap was to host an event that explored art through music and rhymes, and gave young adults a new platform to deliver and showcase their talents to the community. It also aimed to give people, who wouldn’t ordinarily visit the museum or art gallery, a chance to gain a new perspective of what they can offer. This is exactly what we did!

I developed new relationships with 3 local artists: Lewis Huggins, Lloyd Ramon and Rye Shabby, as well as the London-based, award-winning artist Shay D. I liaised with each artist, sharing ideas and discussing their options. I created bios on each performer and promoted their music and social media links on our events and webpages. This increased the number of followers for the artists and boosted interest in our event.

On the night, I had help from local partners. This was an over 18s night and Pump & Grind were brilliant, stocking and running our bar, as well as hosting the official Ipswich Museums I-Am Rap after party (which has also never been done before!). New Wolsey Theatre were also great, providing and engineering all the sound equipment. I brought in the one and only, Scott Collins (Training Museum Trainee), to film and edit the night. [Click here to see the finished film]


The whole event was a huge success. We had 95 visitors in total and a huge amount of positive feedback. Like me at the start, they had thought they would never see the day a rap event was hosted at Ipswich Museum. Now, they want more!

This past year at CIMS, I have been given so many opportunities and so much responsibility. I’ve always wanted to put together and host a rap event, but I never had the confidence and felt I wouldn’t be able to achieve it. Thanks to the love and support of CIMS, I can now say…I’VE DONE IT!!!

Stay Blessed. Stay Positive. Thanks for reading.

Antonio Roberts

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