Suffolk on the Somme Exhibition 2016

Good day!

What fantastic weather we are having in Spring .. I hope sarcasm comes across well on this blog.

Anyway, I don’t think you’re here to read me moaning about the weather. It does however, bring us nicely onto the subject of the post. I thought today would be a good day to update you on one of the projects we have been creating. For the past few months we (Sammi, Anton, Em and I) have been planning an exhibition of the Battle of the Somme, for the 100 year anniversary this summer. I’ll try not to give too much away at the moment, but the theme of our exhibition is to tell the stories of the local people of Ipswich who served on the front, or worked tirelessly at home during the Great War.

This exhibition has presented us with a fair few challenges. One being the amount of information available on individuals from Suffolk serving during the conflict, which isn’t as extensive as I’d assumed. We’ve really had to dig deep in our archives to find relevant characters. Fear not though dear readers, we succeeded.

We have now decided upon our exhibition location, selected our objects and signed off our text. It’s really an eye opener in terms of how much work does go into making an exhibition. Like every other average Joe (see what I did there HA!), I assumed Museums just picked objects they liked and displayed them accordingly. How wrong I was. Writing the text alone was a big challenge. There is so much to consider for our audience, such as assumed knowledge, the rules of text panel writing and so on. Our text has changed many times as a result, which I’m told is normal in the process.

Then of course there is the challenge of finding a suitable location for our exhibition. A scale model of the galleries has been helping with this. We’ve had to consider factors such as light conditions within a room, accessibility and the flow of foot traffic. Like the text, our location has changed a fair few times, which I’m also told is normal. Can you see a pattern developing here?

I look forward to updating you on our progress in the future and showing you the final display. We’re trying to knock this one for six. Making good impressions and all that. Also, luckily for you all, I’ve decided to write blog posts more regularly. I’m good at it and it feels nice to get my thoughts out on screen for all to read (I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of modesty).

Till next time,


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