Egg-citing Easter activities!

Hello, Em here!

I wanted to talk  about the lovely selection of workshops at Ipswich Museums, which took place over the Easter holidays. Emma Roodhouse (Collections and Learning Curator), organised lots of activities across the 3 sites including one named The Discovery Zone.

On Tuesday 29 March, I helped deliver the New Life activity at Ipswich Museum. Visitors could come and join in making masks, stick puppets and felt puppets, as well as colouring. We also had a display case of British butterflies for the children to learn about and toy birds, which made the noises of their real bird counterparts. Many visitors particularly enjoyed the funny sound the African Hoopoe bird made!

Creativity was flowing throughout the day and there was a demand for even more events at the museum, which is great.

On Wednesday 30 March, Sammi assisted with the Easter Egg workshop at the Ipswich Art School Gallery. Once again, there was a selection of different art and craft activities for the children to engage with, bringing out their artistic talents, as well as those of their guardians. It was lovely to see families spending time together and having fun.


As part of the workshops, there was also an Easter Egg hunt around the different venues, taking visitors on a lovely journey around the exhibitions and awarding them with a chocolate egg treat at the end. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my holidays and hopefully, the mums, dads, grandparents and carers felt the same, having kept the kids occupied with a great range of things to do and see!

Currently, most of our time is dedicated to organising the Supplementary School ceremonial event on Saturday 23 April. We have been designing and sending out invitations, producing certificates and arranging catering, all of which has been quite exciting as we get closer to the day. Installation of all the work achieved by the schools is taking place later this week, so more updates soon!

Bye for now!


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