Museum trips part II

Hello, Elisha here!

After a fantastic trip to Liverpool for the Moving on Up conference, I was feeling inspired to visit some more museums/ heritage sites. I decided on my way back from Liverpool that I would visit the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral (the longest cathedral in the world and 5th largest) and the British Museum.

Liverpool Cathedral has long been one of my favourite places to visit, so it was great to be back. They have a small area dedicated to the history of the building. The content is fantastic for such a small display, including video footage of it being built, real tools used during the construction and interactive elements that could be touched and held.

The interior of the Cathedral itself is stunning and, as someone who is obsessed with stained glass, I was in my element!

My next stop was in London at the British Museum. It has some brilliant and creative displays, as well as some new technology. Of particular interest to me was the virtual autopsy of Ginger, the Egyptian mummy that you can examine. I spent a good 15 minutes looking at. I enjoyed the way the Roman soldier weaponry was displayed, using real objects to demonstrate where the armour/ weaponry would have been positioned. There was also a map with various Roman coins fixed onto it showing their origin. This reminded me of a similar display we have at Colchester Museum of the Roman empire, which I believe is an effective visual aid for children. I also love the simplicity of some of the displays at the British Museum, with objects simply standing on their own to be admired. By the time I had finished looking around, I realised I’d been in there for about four hours (I was only supposed to be passing through!).

If I’d have had more time, I would have spent longer wondering through various other places. Hopefully we will all be visiting many more museums and heritage sites soon, and we will keep the blog updated with all the great places we explore.



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