Labels, language and laughs


So yesterday (Wednesday 23 March) was another training day here in Ipswich town. The aim of the day was to introduce and enhance our skills in text writing and presentations. The sessions were loaded with plenty of tips and new methods, which fired up our creativity.

I enjoy creative writing, so learning how I can use this to create labels and text panels for objects and displays, and capture the attentions of visitors, I found text panels can be made fun.

A number of the group, myself included, have anxiety issues about standing up and delivering presentations. Sharing our fears and working alongside each other as support was a great way to make steps towards moving beyond these worries. The way the group cheered each other on, applauding, whooping and hi-5ing each other, provided reassurance and a sense of accomplishment. Thanks guys!

I’ve been a part of the team for 6 months now and I’m still finding each day beneficial. Not only from the museum side of things, but also the personal skills I’m developing too.


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