Bananas, Treasure and Easter eggcitement!

Last week was rather jam-packed!

On Saturday 19 March I took part in our British Science Week events over at Hollytrees Museum. The theme was all about clocks, which unfortunately I don’t know much about. This gave me the perfect opportunity to do some reading up. My main station for the day was making banana clocks with children (and some adults!). I have to admit I was pretty impressed with myself when they actually worked. Explaining the science of the clocks also meant having to do a bit of reading. I am now a banana (or potato, or orange, or tomato) clock expert.

The Colchester Trainees were also busy getting the Easter Trail ready for the school holidays. We tried to relate the trail questions to Easter itself and are quite pleased with the results – it’s rather sweet. The winner of the trail will get this fantastic giant egg prize with ‘Happy Easter’ (or more literally Happy Passover) in Latin written on it.

I also had the opportunity to begin cleaning some Late Bronze Age ingots from the Burnham on Crouch hoard. I was only meant to be popping in at the end of the day to clean for an hour, but loved it so much that two hours later I realised I should probably go home. Here’s a before and after of one of the ingots:

Last, but certainly not least, was the unveiling of the Fenwick Treasure at Colchester Castle. The Treasure is stunning with such a fascinating back story. It was most likely buried in haste by a Roman couple as Boudicca attacked and destroyed Colchester. I was lucky enough to see some of the objects up close in the conservation lab before it went on display. The Trainees got to be present at the various unveilings and helped out with various things such as object handling, painting woad patterns onto visitors and assisting in the smooth running of each evening. All in all it was really wonderful to be a part of it.


Have a great week!

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