Training montage!

Alex here!

This week we had some fascinating training sessions.

Philip taught us about ethics and Accreditation in the museum world, and the challenges of meeting the Museum Association’s standards (although we do also understand the importance and benefits too!).

In the ethics session, we were presented with a case study regarding the sale of objects in a museum collection, and the moral obligations and issues surrounding it. I personally found this session very interesting, as I had never considered ethics to be such an integral issue in the successful running of a museum.

For the final session of the day, we had training on how to identify whether objects are ‘treasure’ according to the 1996 Treasure Act. This was my favourite training session of the day, as it meant I got to hold lots of shiny things! On a more serious note, being given techniques on how to identify particular objects is incredibly useful and will make identifying objects brought in by the public in much easier.

And just as a final comment…all of our sessions were recorded as part of a film The Training Museum are creating to aid in recruitment for next years batch of trainees. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a career in showbiz? I hope they got my good side at least…

Next month will be Scott on the blogging duties.


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