Animal Invasion!

Hi all,

So this week over in Ipswich, we’ve been having lots of half term fun, with the animal rescue company Jurassic Encounters coming along to the museum for our extremely popular event: Animal Invasion!

The build up to the event started last week with lots of phonecalls and bookings whilst we were on Visitor Services over at Christchurch Mansion. We were required to book high numbers of visitors onto the events, taking names, ages and contact details. When we asked how they had heard about the event, a resounding number stated that they’d seen it on Facebook, which proves how important social media and online presence is to our museum services!

Jamie and Karen, the wonderful staff members from Jurassic Encounters, brought along an array of fantastic animals across the 3 days, which were categorized into Mammals, Reptiles and Mini-Beasts. All of the trainees were involved in the events, carrying out tasks such as welcoming visitors, cashing up the till, delivering the house-keeping rules, assisting with buggies, counting visitors into the Anglo-Saxon part of the museum and photographing the event.

Over the 3 days we were able to look at, handle and photograph some beautiful, fluffy and creepy crawly animals, such as Dink and Donk, the baby meerkats, Dusty the Skunk, Pascal the Chameleon, Daisy the Python, Legs 1 and Legs 2 the Giant African Millipedes and of course, Dave the Scorpion (who glows up under UV light!).

The whole week was full of animal fun and all our visitors seemed to have a brilliant time, including Lucy Lyons our artist in residence (she’s the one greeting Pascal the Chameleon in the photo above). The feedback we received was great – thank you to Harjeet (Collections and Learning Curator) for organising such a fun half term event and letting us help!

Em 🙂

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