Exhibitions experience

Hi from Ipswich,

Over the past two weeks we have been lucky to working with the Exhibitions team with de-installation and the installation that followed.

We worked alongside Darren (Senior Exhibitions Officer), Graham (Exhibitions and Display Officer), Bob and 2 conservators from The British Museum to de-install Social Fabric, which was brilliant! We learnt how to pack, store and roll fabrics in a safe way in preparation for transporting to a new home. Helen, the textiles Conservator from the British Museum also introduced us to Condition Reports, which are filled out when loaned objects are being returned to a museum.

It was great to have such responsibility when it came to handling the fabrics, packing them securely and using materials to pack in the most effective way. Of course, we were able to put a lot of our training sessions into practice!


We were able to work alongside the Colchester Trainees and Exhibitions team once more to assist with the installation of Art:Science:Life, which opens next week! We assisted with painting screens ready for projections to be shown on, measuring wood for the top of the structure, covering the box with a black out roof and putting together projectors for the main art installation. Over the next week, the Ipswich trainees will be helping add the finishing touches to the installation, before the official opening on Friday 12 February.

Next week some of us will be working on helping to install the other displays in the rest of the galleries in The Art School so we shall keep you posted!

Em 🙂


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