Installs and magic

Welcomed to the month of February! I hope everybody is starting to feel a bit more perkier with the slightly longer days and that little extra dose of vitamin D. Last week was extremely full on, as Emily and I finally got stuck in with the British Academy Supplementary School workshop project. Our first task was to grab a few catalogues and do a bit of shopping! Maybe not quite the type that personally I would have preferred, but just as exciting never the less. The mission is to put together boxes of art and craft equipment in preparation for the workshop activities, which consist of conservation gloves, magnifying glasses and many more exciting curatorial tools for the children to use.

On Wednesday, all the trainees assisted at the Art School Gallery on the installation of the new exhibition, Art:Science:Life. A huge cube has been placed in the atrium, an amazing spectacle on its own. Projectors placed inside the covered area, are going to project brightly lit pictures against the dark black walls, creating a wonderful effect. We cannot wait for the exhibition to open, as the artwork created by Lucy Lyons, the artist in residence, is truly amazing!

The Harry Potter Book Night event took place at Ipswich Museum this week, after having sold out on the first day the tickets went on sale. We all got stuck in on what was undoubtedly an incredibly successful night. The workshops were inundated with witches, wizards and many other creative characters looking for a magical experience. Emily got her hands dirty producing clay skulls, Joe assisted with parchment and quills, while I muddled through a session of spell book making.

It has definitely been an eventful week!


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