Exploring the collection

This week in Colchester, Collections and Learning Curator, Sophie, showed Scott and I around the Natural History collection. This was incredibly interesting and we were both amazed by the range of objects. We learnt about the ways in which the preservation, storage and display of Natural History has changed over the years, and saw the lab and work that goes on behind the scenes. The collections of specimens preserved in spirit jars were fascinating, and many pictures were taken! I wasn’t particularly a fan of the giant moth though…

We had a brilliant tour of our other collections by Steve (Collections Information Officer), and were amazed by some of the weird and wonderful things, in particular the bizarre Victorian comic scene made from lobster claws.

Personally I found the costume collection to be the most interesting. It is amazing seeing beautiful clothing from the 18th century still in good condition. I was also very excited when Steve pointed out a model Roman ship, made by my ‘Out of the Box’ research project, H.W Poulter.

Some of my other favourite objects were a beautiful heart locket and suffragette banner. It was lovely to be able to see first hand an example of the suffragette movement in Colchester.

We have continued with our planning for our Vintage Event. The event will be held in Hollytrees and we are hoping to use up some of the outside lawn space in order to have a tea room area. There will hopefully be some other fun stuff going on outside,  potentially a dance instructor teaching some fun vintage steps. We have found some really interesting video footage that we hope to be able to show to visitors. We would also like to invite along a local vintage reproduction shop to run a small stall. All in all it is shaping up to be a very exciting event. Watch this space!

As usual, we have also had our training, this week it was in Colchester and we were learning about object Photography and Museum Audiences, which was really helpful!

And to finish, here is Scott putting his photographic skills to the test like a true pro…


We hope you have a good week. Check back next week for more updates!


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