Joyful January!


Over the course of January we have been presented with a variety of projects that we can get involved in over the coming months, from The Connect art competition, to exhibitions and displays and Museums-After-Dark events. We have all chosen individual projects to get our teeth into, varying from the ECHOES project, to supplementary schools with the British Academy. As a trio, we will be working on The Battle of The Somme exhibition with Elle (Collections and Learning Curator) and assisting the Collections Information Programme Team with documentation, as well as working on conservation projects and events, such as Harry Potter Night – go team!

Carrying on from 2015, we are still working hard on ‘Katie’s Animal Trail’, which will be the new trail at Christchurch Mansion, once the Salisbury Cathedral from The Meadows painting has gone. Over the past few weeks we have been refining ideas, gathering research from previous museum trails, getting quotes from printers and presenting a few prototypes to Harjeet (Collections and Learning Curator) and the Visitor Services team for feedback and improvement (minor of course!) We are currently waiting to send the prototype to the author, James Mayhew; the graphic designer, Dom and Ipswich Borough Council.

On Thursday 14 January, we all worked the ‘Museums After Dark’ event Art: Science: Life. The evening was led by our wonderfully creative artist in residence, Lucy Lyons, with around 35 visitors taking part in a drawing event. Over the past few months, Lucy has been sketching ‘hidden’ objects within the museums and stores, which has given a new insight into what fascinating things we have hiding away. She has introduced visitors to some of her favourites in The Ogilvie British Bird Gallery and The Natural History Gallery at Ipswich Museum. Over the course of the night, we helped to set up, serve visitors at the desk, serve drinks, hand out art materials and patrol the galleries. The feedback from the night was very positive, with many people expressing that they would love more events like this – so watch this space!


Over the past month we have also been on various training sessions: such as – Documentation (with the Ipswich Museums Manager, Jayne Austin), Marking and Labeling, Packing and Handling, Conservation Housekeeping, Exhibitions, Museum Audiences and Basic Photography. From every session we have been learning invaluable skills, not only related to the museum services, but also transferable skills that we can take with us into various avenues.

We are all looking forward to getting stuck into our individual and group projects over the coming weeks!

Em 🙂

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