Museum selfies

Hello from Elisha!

January has been a jam packed and interesting month so far. It has seen us settling in at Visitor Services (Scott and I even having the experience of helping to empty the well), packing coins, documenting glass, and ID-ing objects. Of course, we have also been learning plenty during our weekly training sessions, such as conservation, documentation essentials and packing and storing. This week we have been very busy, with lots of interesting projects and meetings going on!

This week Alex, Scott and I were tasked with creating material to be used for National Museum Selfie day. This meant getting to visit all three Colchester Museums and taking as many selfies as we could, including using a selfie stick, which I’m sure made us look like eager tourists. This also included coming up with ridiculous puns for the twitter captions…which I enjoyed a bit too much. Some of our favourites:

The response was good: Colchester Museums got over 30 retweets!

All the trainees met the Joint Museums Committee on Tuesday, where we introduced ourselves and spoke about The Training Museum. It was really encouraging to see how interested and supportive they are of the traineeship.

Other than this, we have been continuing with our own projects. We are all planning separately for an ‘Out of the Box’ event. My topic is the first deputy curator of Hollytrees Musem, H.W Poulter. Alex has the Stone Age and Scott is researching Colchester’s first photographer Benjamin Monsen. All of our planning is going well and we have managed to find plenty of interesting objects to show to the public. All three of us have also been planning an event (probably to be held some time in summer) based around a Vintage theme. We have made a promising start and it will be exciting to see how it turns out! We have also started a FutureLearn course on Museums in the 21st century, which is proving to be really interesting. We look forward to what we get up to in the next week!


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