New year, new start

Good morning and a happy new year to you all.

I hope you’re well, in what has been described before as the most depressing month of the year (not my words). In fact, in previous years I would have probably agreed with that. I used to hate new beginnings. This year however, is the one that our traineeship really kicks into gear. We have so much to look forward to and learn that it’s impossible to be despondent.

We have already learnt so much. Before I forget, I would like to extend a belated thank you, on behalf of all of the trainees, to the staff across Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service for making us feel so welcome. Any workplace can be very intimidating when you first begin, but I feel we have slotted in perfectly and are starting to become part of a well oiled machine.

I like to keep things short and sweet so yes, here’s to a new year!

Oh and if you hear what sounds like a school group in the office don’t worry, that’s just us. I’d like to think our excitement is infectious..


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