Learning the ropes

In the first month of our traineeship, Alex, Elisha and I got to work with a variety of teams within the Museum Service and assisted with some really exciting projects! My favourite experience so far has been uncovering incredible objects from the Museum stores. We have been taught how to locate objects in storage and how to safely handle these fragile treasures. Once we have located an object, we will perform a variety of tasks, including measuring, safely packing and, if necessary, researching and identifying it.

‘Out of the Box’ research

Alex, Elisha and I have each been given our own individual research project, which will be used in one of the ‘Out of the Box’ exhibits the museum regularly holds. The research will also contribute to the Faces of Colchester exhibition coming in 2016. I am currently researching about Benjamin Monson, Colchester’s first photographer. There is very little information about Benjamin Monson, which is great! I have to dig deep to find out anything useful about him. Luckily, we have some excellent facilities at the Museum Resource Centre, which means I have the right tools to aid my research. Its very rewarding to find out information about historic objects and people!




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